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Structured Wiring

Grupo Telco LLC offers Structured Cabling Solutions for Industrial and Commercial Buildings.

Our Stuructured Cabling Experts can accomodate any type of communications cabling and wiring , including Coax, Copper or Fiber Optic (optical fiber), Cat 3, Cat 5 (Category 5), Cat 5e (Category 5e), Cat 6 (Category 6) and Cat 6a (Category 6a). CAT 5 cables support data transmissions up to 100MB/s. CAT 6 supports Data transmissions up to 1GB/S. 

Cabling Solutions :


  • Optical Fiber

  • Cat 3,Cat5, Cat 5E, Cat 6, Cat6A

  • Backbone Cabling

  • Data Centers

  • Horizontal Cabling

  • Patch Panels

  • Lan Cabling

  • Coax

  • Copper

  • Hybrid

  • Wireless Connections

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